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cash flow


Cash flow is the lifeblood of your business. It is critical to your success and survival.

Our part-time financial controllers and financial accountants meet many business owners that have trouble meeting payroll or paying suppliers, yet have numerous customer's invoices outstanding.

Cash flow management is difficult for some businesses yet it doesn’t need to be.

Your Finance Team, will create realistic cash flow forecasts that will allow your business to meet its commitments and continue to grow.

Your Finance Team will manage cash flow by:

  • Negotiating supplier terms
  • Improving invoice collections
  • Communicating with your bank
  • Managing interest and tax payments
  • Improving stock management and control
  • Setting up sound cash flow processes

Benefits of improved cash flow:

  • Be able to pay wages, suppliers and tax on time
  • Less stress knowing your business in under control
  • Improved creditability with banks and creditors


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